whmis 2015 booklet

It’s Here !! Hot off the press !

Our WHMIS 2015 booklet !

Packed with easy to read language, pictures and explanations, this is your resource booklet for all things WHMIS 2015.

In addition we included WHMIS 1988 information which as an employer you still have responsibility to train your new staff if you have controlled products in your workplace containing whmis symbols from WHMIS 1988.

Our WHMIS 2015 booklet comes compete with a Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS) for Methyl Hydrate and a Safety Data Sheet(SDS) for Astound Engine & Shop degreaser.

Our WHMIS 2015 booklet is your resource for all things WHMIS related, packed with 74 pages of great easy to understand language, pictures symbols, that fits in your pocket.

Here are the index pages: 
What is WHMIS- Page 1
Seven Rules of Chemical Safety- Pages 2, 62-63
How Chemicals Enter the Body- Pages 3-6, 59-61
WHMIS 1988 Symbols- Pages 8-10
Material Safety Data Sheets- Pages 10-13
WHMIS 1988 Supplier Label- Page 14
WHMIS 1988 Workplace Label- Pages 16-17
Employer Responsibilities- Pages 22, 57-58
Employee Responsibilities- Pages 22, 58
What is WHMIS 2015– Pages 19-20
WHMIS 2015 Comparison- Pages 18-20
WHMIS 2015 Elements- Page 21
WHMIS 2015 Exclusions- Page 23
WHMIS 2015 Hazard Groups- Page 24
WHMIS 2015 Hazard Classes- Pages 24-28
WHMIS 2015 Hazard Categories- Page 28
WHMIS 2015 Hazard Pictograms- Pages 29-34
WHMIS 2015 Supplier Label- Pages 36-38
WHMIS 2015 Workplace Label- Page 39
WHMIS 2015 Safety Data Sheets- Pages 40-54
WHMIS 2015 Safety Data Sheet – Astound Engine Degreaser- Pages 40-54
WHMIS 2015 Transition- Page 55-56
WHMIS 2015 Education and Training- Pages 56-57
Other Labeling Systems-Pages 63-65
Consumer Labels-Page 65
PPE Symbols-Page 67
Frequently Asked Questions-Pages 68-69
Glossary of Terms- Pages 70-71
Review Questions- Pages 72-73

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