The Mental Health Commission of Canada has developed training programs designed to address mental health and wellness in Canadian workplaces. The Working Mind (TWM) Workplace Mental Health and Wellness is a science and education based program designed to address, promote mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illness in a workplace setting.

Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association is pleased to be offering The Working Mind Programs for trucking companies across Nova Scotia. 

The Working Mind – Worker Program

Program Description

This program covers the following topics:

  • A focus on dispelling the myths of mental health problems and mental illnesses, aiming to reduce associated stigma;
  • An overview of the Mental Health Continuum Model;
  • Self-assessment of one’s own mental health along the continuum;                  
  • Strategies one can apply at each point along the continuum;
  • Practical applications.                                               

the working mind worker program