safety certifiedPreventing workplace injuries is more than just having a safety policy, forming a safety committee or having a safety rep and providing first aid training.
It’s about making a commitment to your employees, customers, suppliers and community to continuously work towards a healthy and safe workplace. WCB Safety Certified accreditation demonstrates that your business takes safety seriously.

Being Safety Certified signifies your ongoing commitment to making your workplace the safest it can be.  NSTSA truck
Becoming Safety Certified means a company has developed and implemented a safety management system specifically for their business. This safety management system has been evaluated and measured for its effectiveness by one of NSTSA’s safety auditors. Any size company can become Safety Certified.
The auditors conduct an audit appropriate to the size of the business, from a one-person operation to large multi-location workplaces. 

The Safety Certified program allows companies to be eligible to bid on government, school board and municipal work across Nova Scotia. Increasingly many organizations and corporations require contractors and other businesses bidding on jobs and services to provide evidence of having successfully achieved and maintain their Safety Certified status. Attaining and maintaining Safety Certified status offers rewards for trucking companies. Those successful companies are eligible for WCB’s incentive rebate program.

Since the Safety Certified incentive rebate program started in 2013, over 400 trucking companies have shared in excess of $750,000 in rebates for achieving Safety Certified status. In 2016, rebate cheques totaling over $210,00 have gone out to trucking companies. In 2017 the total rebates surpassed $1,000,000.00 returned back to the industry from 2013 to 2016.

Just released stats from Workers Compensation Board share great news that the trucking industry is
safer today than it was in 2010. In the last 5 years time loss claims have decreased by 28% to 152 from 27, 180 in 2010.
The amount of days paid to injured workers has seen a dramatic decrease. In 2010; 27,180 days were lost due to time-loss injuries. In 2015 that number has dropped 56% to 11,890.

Workplace safety is improving in part thanks to programs like the Safety Certified program. These statics are proof that a focus on safety pays back in many ways, the most important are less workplace injuries, both companies and workers benefit from injury prevention.
To learn how NSTSA can help you and your company develop your health and safety program to become Safety Certified, please contact the NSTSA: 1 (888) 329-9660 |

The following is a current list of companies (with their permission) who have achieved safety certification through the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association (NSTSA).(last updated February 16, 2017)

  • A. Lowther Trucking & Excavating
  • Adam Gillis
  • Adam W. Powell Trucking & Excavating
  • All Outdoors Landscaping
  • Armour Transport Inc
  • Atlantic Fuels
  • Atlantic Tiltload Limited
  • Bestway Pro-Can Trucking Services Ltd.
  • Bill Dowe Trucking
  • Blairco Enterprises Limited
  • B. Landry Trucking Ltd.
  • BP Aalders Trucking Ltd
  • Breton N.D. Testing Inc
  • B. Reynolds Trucking Ltd
  • Brian Hatch Trucking
  • Brian MacPhee’s Diesel Services
  • Burgess Transfer & Storage
  • CCT Consulting Ltd.
  • C. Bourgeois Diesel Services
  • Changing Seasons Landscaping Services Limited
  • Charles Bourgeois & Sons Trucking
  • Clarke Road Transport
  • Claude Bourgeois Carriers
  • Connors Transfer Limited
  • Danny Hiltz Excavating
  • Dave Avery Trucking Ltd.
  • David C Clarke Trucking Ltd
  • David Brown United
  • Day & Ross Freight
  • D.J. Denny Trucking
  • DM Rogers Transport Ltd.
  • Donald Whynot Trucking Ltd.
  • Dynasty Driveway Sealers
  • Bill Harris Transport Ltd. (Don Atkinson Trucking Ltd)
  • Eassons Transport Limited
  • E.B. Corkum Farm and Forest Ltd.
  • E.D. MacKinnon Trucking Limited
  • E. Bourgeois Trucking
  • Elmo’s Trucking
  • Evangeline Transport Inc
  • Fisher Transport Inc
  • Garth Wilson Trucking
  • Gary Gibbon
  • Gerald Battist Trucking Limited
  • Gerald Spencer
  • G.L. MacDonald Trucking Ltd.
  • Gordon MacVicar’s Trucking Company Ltd.
  • Gordon W. Carroll Trucking
  • Greg Smith
  • Gwynn’s Trucking & Backhoe Limited
  • Harrietha Transfer Ltd.
  • H.J. Enterprises Limited
  • Hillmans Transfer Ltd.
  • Hodgson Trucking Ltd.
  • Howard N. Bennett
  • Hoyts Moving & Storage Ltd.
  • Hugh MacInnis Lumber Ltd.
  • Ivan Smith
  • J.A.C. Trucking Ltd / A.C. Campbell Contractors Ltd.
  • Jerry S. Coulter Ltd.
  • John R. Zwicker Transport
  • JP MacInnis Trucking Ltd.
  • J.S. Trucking
  • Kevin Hill Trucking
  • Kevin Lively Jr. Transportation Services
  • Kilkare Transport Ltd.
  • Kilkare Waste Management Services Ltd.


  • K&L Trucking Ltd
  • L. Bond Trucking
  • Lee Blois Trucking
  • Leo Fownes Trucking & Contracting Ltd.
  • Leo Kelley Trucking
  • Leon H. Thompson
  • Magoo’s Heavy Hauling
  • Mark Benjamin Trucking
  • Maurice Dearman Trucking
  • Max White Excavating Ltd.
  • Michael MacLean Trucking
  • Michael Sheridan
  • Midland Transport Limited 
  • Mike Pelrine Trucking
  • Mills Heavy Hauling Ltd.
  • MJ Cameron Trucking Ltd.
  • MMM Group Limited
  • Morgan K. Anderson Company Limited
  • Mountain Properties Inc.
  • Murphy Daylighting Services Ltd
  • Next In Line Trucking
  • Northside Trucking Ltd.
  • North Victoria Trucking Ltd.
  • NR Kenny Logging LTd
  • Ocean Green Property Management Limited
  • Ordes Trucking & Excavating
  • P. MacLeod Trucking Ltd.
  • Peter Covin’s Contracting Ltd
  • Personal Care Landscaping Ltd.
  • Premiere Van Lines (Dartmouth)
  • Premiere Van Lines (Sydney)
  • R.H. Lowthers Excavating
  • R. Wood Trucking
  • R&T Trucking / Weagle’s Mobile Wash
  • Reid Davis Trucking Ltd.
  • Richard E. Fancey & Sons Limited
  • Ridge Mor Trucking
  • Robert Archibald Trucking Ltd.
  • R. Schnare & Son Light Trucking
  • S&M Trucking Ltd. / Sives Trucking Inc
  • S&T Equipment Sales & Rentals Ltd.
  • Santana Contracting Ltd.
  • Shawn Rawding Excavation & Forestry
  • Singer Trucking Inc
  • Stan Dicks Contracting Ltd.
  • Star Delivery Service Ltd.
  • Steven Darragh Trucking
  • Straight Ahead Trucking Limited
  • T & R Landscaping and Light Construction
  • T. Fisher Trucking & Excavating
  • Thomas F. Hayne Contracting Ltd.
  • Timothy Priest
  • Tom MacDonald Trucking Ltd
  • Trees 2 Trim Limited
  • T. Swinamer’s Towing 2005 Limited
  • Tyson Byard Trucking
  • Villa Auto Parts Ltd. (Sydney, NS)
  • W.E. Legge Trucking
  • Wayne D Davis General Hauling Ltd
  • Wayne Matthews
  • Wayne Weir Trucking Ltd.
  • Weir & Son Trucking
  • Williams Heavy Hauling
  • WIT Trucking Limited
  • Vaughn Smith Trucking and Excavating Inc

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