whmis whims 2015 train the trainer

WHMIS/WHMIS 2015 Train the Trainer Program

Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association is offering our very popular WHMIS-WHMIS 2015 Train the Trainer program. This program covers the original WHMIS 1998 and current WHMIS 2015. The program includes the principles of adult education and the different methods in which adults learn. Great information when you are a new presenter/trainer.  The course includes hands […]

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Program for Reducing Back and Muscular Injuries

This past April, Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association held our annual Trucking Safety Matters Conference. A guest speaker that presented at our annual event was Davy Snowdon from Pristine Condition. Davy gave a talk and demonstration on various causes of back and muscular injuries in our industries, related to manual handling of numerous things/products in […]

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